From Depression & Heartbreak To Getting In Shape

January 17, 2018
Will is the fan favorite from Khole Kardashian’s Revenge Body. He had gained 60 lbs of “love weight” and hit rock bottom, until he made the decision to start his journey to becoming rock solid instead.
Reality shows may not be 100% real, but the work, the decisions, the relationships, and the responsibilities are very real. Will Ontiveros shares his story and his solutions to balancing life with creating healthy habits to his fitness and financial goals. 
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Meet The New You This New Year With Tips From Celebrity Trainer, Gunnar Peterson

January 17, 2018

Celebrity trainer, Gunnar Peterson has one buff resume with elite clients such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Khloe and Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and more. He sat down with me and divulged must know multi-tasking tips for making the most of your workouts and getting the most out of your time so you can successfully reach your new year’s resolutions.   


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Park Howell – Master Storyteller

July 5, 2017
Once upon a time, Park Howell, master storyteller and keynote speaker, shares the secrets of storytelling for marketing and advertising including titillating tips to grow your business engagement so you and your audience can live happily ever after. 
The Juice:
·        The person and pastime he credits for sparking his passion down the path of powerful storytelling
·        How music inspired him to begin composing chronicles
·        Making the connection between storytelling to advertising
·        The 10 chapters to follow when building your story
·        What’s next for Park? 

Meet Leonard Kim - Professional Branding Expert

March 8, 2017

I remember the day I met Leonard Kim clearly. We had friended each other via Twitter and this was the first time we would meet in person. Who is this guy that has been read by 10s of millions of people online, who pens thousands of articles a year, and who many go to for personal branding expertise? Was he just another self-proclaimed expert who cracked the social media code? Or was he just a happy, well-dressed fellow who enjoyed gourmet cupcakes from Los Angeles? But what about the guy who started a sensation on blogging sites like Quora by talking about his darkest, rock bottom moments? Perhaps he is, in fact, a bit of all of that. And really so much more. Meet Leonard Kim, a Millennial who is one of the most read marketing minds online today. And boy does he know personal branding. Watch his story about picking himself up from homelessness to the Millennial rockstar that he is today. And read the Forbes article where he shares some of his best personal branding tips so you too, can shine. Learn more about Leonard here: 








Monika Wiela - Gives Back with the Give Back Box

November 11, 2016

From humble beginnings growing up on a poor farm in Poland to the being CEO of Give Back Box, Monika makes it possible for people to donate to the homeless without stepping one foot out their front door.


The Juice: 

  • How the stars guided her dreams to make a difference 

  • The smell of baby powder inspired her to achieve her childhood dreams

  • When arriving in the US she made a living by selling shoes on eBay to people in Poland

  • How a homeless man in Chicago inspired her to start the Give Back Box 

  • The advice she would give her younger self 


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February 9, 2016

You know Daymond John as the CEO of FUBU, and star of ABC’s Shark Tank; but not only has this sharp dressed shark turned author, he has also joined forces with the team bringing technology to tuxedos. Be sure to stay tuned after Daymond’s interview as he will be joined by CEO Peter Abruzzo and ACS CEO Richard Freedman to talk about how fashion forward meets the future.



  • What he looks for when investing in businesses
  • What was his inspiration to writing the book, “The Power of Broke”
  • Wise words from Daymond
  • old English tailoring has been delivered to over 400,000 homes  
  • allows you to create and customize suits and tuxedos to be shipped to your door


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January 28, 2016

PoundFit Founders, Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom - Music obsessed, “recreational drummers”, Kirsten and Cristina, felt uninspired by their gym workouts and needed to give their lack-luster fitness routine a much needed makeover. PoundFit combines cardio, low weight high repetition training, with a healthy dose of aggression, and rebellious Rock n Roll soul to your workout so you can rockout and get your workout.



  • With your RipStix, you become the drummer of the song, giving you a connection to your workout.
  • Over 5,000 certified Pound Instructors 
  • Pound Regularly releases new songs and routines 
  • Pound Rockout Results at home if you can’t get to a participating gym 
  • If the standard pound class doesn’t get your heart pounding, give the longer harder program a try with red RipStix
  • What’s next for the PoundGirls?