Renegade Millionaire Show

Meet Leonard Kim - Professional Branding Expert

March 8, 2017

I remember the day I met Leonard Kim clearly. We had friended each other via Twitter and this was the first time we would meet in person. Who is this guy that has been read by 10s of millions of people online, who pens thousands of articles a year, and who many go to for personal branding expertise? Was he just another self-proclaimed expert who cracked the social media code? Or was he just a happy, well-dressed fellow who enjoyed gourmet cupcakes from Los Angeles? But what about the guy who started a sensation on blogging sites like Quora by talking about his darkest, rock bottom moments? Perhaps he is, in fact, a bit of all of that. And really so much more. Meet Leonard Kim, a Millennial who is one of the most read marketing minds online today. And boy does he know personal branding. Watch his story about picking himself up from homelessness to the Millennial rockstar that he is today. And read the Forbes article where he shares some of his best personal branding tips so you too, can shine. Learn more about Leonard here: 







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